My 3 Week Journey To Gain 3 Inches Video


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Ultra Edge XL

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Hey everyone, I'm Ron and if you're like me - hell, if you're like most guys - you're trying to find a way to grow your penis. I wanted to do the same thing so I decided to try every supplement, pump, exercise and strategy out there until I got the gains I wanted. I spent years trying all different crap products that never worked, so finally I decided to make a video blog about it, so that at least other people could save some time and maybe learn something. After every product, I posted my video showing my results. I was determined to grow inches and I wasn't going to stop until I was proud of my size.


3 weeks back 2 companies got in touch with me to ask if I would test out their supplements on my blog. They had followed my blog for a few months and they were sure their products would work for me. They were so sure I'd get results that they sent me a free 30 day supply of Endowmax and Ultra Edge XL. The only thing they asked in return was that I post my results video (like I always do) and give out links to their products. I have a strict policy about always posting my real results, good or bad, so I figured if those companies were ballsy enough to take that kind of risk, the products must be worth a shot.

So I start taking both products expecting that my dick would tingle for a few days and maybe a few weeks later I'd gain like half an inch. Instead I got the surprise of my life. After only like 2 days of taking Endowmax and Ultra Edge XL together, it was like I could feel my cock growing. I don't know how else to describe it. Then at the end of the week I had gained a WHOLE INCH. In 1 week. I was super stoked to make my video that week and I kept taking Endowmax and Ultra Edge XL like my life depended on it. Each week I keep posting to show you my new results and it's amazing how much I keep growing. I started at around 3" and now, 3 weeks in, I'm just over 6" soft!! I gained 3 inches in only 3 weeks! I can hardly believe it myself!

My Results

After all the years I spent trying all the different penis growth methods and pills, the Endowmax and Ultra Edge XL product stack is the only trick that ever worked for me. I put up the links and posted my 3 week results because, honestly, every guy needs to know about this. The companies contacted me again to let me know that they want to offer a special promo for you guys reading my blog. It's basically like the offer they gave me: a 30-day FREE trial of each product (just pay a couple of dollars for shipping) so you guys can see your cock grow for yourself just like I did and you don't have to worry about shelling out a bunch of money up front. Having the bigger cock I always wanted has really changed my life for the better.


Get Endowmax and Ultra Edge XL free trials at the links. Take both products together (it's really important to take both for maximum results). Then once you gain your inches, post your results in the forum!